Excellent Customer Servcie

I would like to start by saying thank you so much for the freedom you have given us! Our family adopted two dogs a couple of years ago. Both are wonderful pets and we enjoy them greatly. The first year we had our dogs we spent an enormous amount of time outside with them on leashes. Not only for them to do their “business” but to play with them as well. We always felt bad because we were afraid to let them off their leash to run and play worried that they would run off or worse, get hit by a car. Lets just say it was a very long year.

We decided to look into a fencing system for them. We looked at standard fencing, but our subdivision rules forbid it and it can create a lot of maintenance issues. So we began looking at underground fencing. We had the usual companies come quote a system. The representatives were just the usual salespeople and didn’t seem to want to spend much time with us. We were shocked at the prices and when we were talking to a friend about it that is when we learned about Hidden Fence. We were pleasantly surprised when you arrived. You took the time to meet our family and our dogs, you walked the yard and after talking with us gave us ideas of what might work best for our entire family. When we received your quote we were again very surprised to find that not only did we already get great customer service but the price was almost 50% less than the nearest competitor!

We decided to go with Hidden Fence not only based on the price but the customer service we had already experienced even before we were actual customers. We have had your fence for one year now and have no regrets in our choice. The dogs can actually run and play in the yard with the kids, like they are supposed to, and not be tied to a leash. Since we went with the battery replacement program your company offers we have not even had to worry about that! We receive the batteries right on time…every time. We had one collar problem and we called Hidden Fence and you came out right away and took care of it, no questions asked.

At a time where customer service is all but dead and gone, it is refreshing to find a company and people who remember what it means and see it through!

I have and will continue to recommend both the Hidden Fence system and your company to anyone looking for a quality product backed by a quality company.



Doug, Marcy, Katie & Allie Berry
Cody and Abby too!