Great Underground Fence

I was referred to Hidden Fence by a friend when my underground fence from another online company was not working. Jim came to the house and found nothing wrong with the wiring. Though he spent his time researching the problem, he refused to charge us which made quite an impression on me. We established that the issue was the transmitter, and the other company sent me a new transmitter at an additional cost.
This transmitter lasted approximately another year. Again, Jim came out to research the issue for me, and again, the issue was the transmitter. I was in the process of moving to a new home and decided to purchase a new transmitter from Hidden Fence to take with me. Once I had buried the cable, Jim came to the new house to set up the proper correction boundaries for me and gave me tips on how to retrain my dog to the new yard.
I have been very impressed with the service and professionalism provided by Hidden Fence. I appreciate having local service as opposed to internet service. I highly recommend Jim Bolsvert and his company, Hidden Fence.

Laurie Welling